ZICA Course Structure

Knowledge Level

      1.1 Financial Accounting
      1.2 Business statistics
      1.3 Business Economics
      1.4 Commercial and Corporate Law
      1.5 Management theory and Practice
      1.6 Business Communication

Application Level

      2.1 Financial Reporting
      2.2 Management Accounting
      2.3 Auditing Principles and Practice
      2.4 Taxation
      2.5 Financial Management

Advisory Level

      3.1 Advanced Financial reporting
      3.2 Advanced Audit and assurance
      3.3 Strategic Business Analysis
Choose any of the following routes    
Public Practice Route  3.4 Advanced Taxation
       3.7 Public Sector Audits and Assurance
Business Route    3.5  Advanced Management Accounting
       3.6  Advanced Financial Management
Public Sector Route